The Aubin Law Firm is a boutique eCommerce legal team providing guidance to private label brands, manufacturers and 3rd party marketplace sellers for e-commerce and internet related issues.

Removal of Illegal Online Sellers from Amazon and 3rd Party Marketplaces

Flat Fee Services:

  • Drafting and submission of C&D Letters and Federal Draft Complaints for Unauthorized Sellers
  • Legal guidance to structure brands for Permanent Removal of Unauthorized Sellers
  • MAP Policies, Distributor and 3rd party reseller agreements
  • Equipping brands for effective Trademark Enforcement in 3rd party Marketplaces



Counterfeit goods on 3rd party marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, Taobao and Ali-Express have become a significant challenge for growing eCommerce brands. Counterfeiters involve both US and International players with China and Hong Kong accounting for 92% of the world’s counterfeit production.


Aubin Law Firm provides legal and marketplace enforcement strategies that provide worldwide brand protection by coordinating seasoned investigators that can track down and identify sellers and conduct raids that result in the seizure of counterfeit products in addition to the arrest of the person(s) responsible for marketing them.

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